Development Services
I offer a highly personalised and professional service direct to instructing clients and through lead consultants, including architects and planners.
From the outset of all projects, success is judged by avoiding problems and facilitating solutions that contribute to its end worth.
There's no alternative to experience and the ability to use that to foresee potential issues, that if left unchecked, would otherwise introduce planning risk and unplanned capital cost. 
Modern day transport planning interventions can be both soft and hard in form and often a bespoke hybrid of the two, that enable a cost effective and deliverable solution, are the way forward. Solutions need to be scalable and proportionate to the scheme with their value demonstrated to Officers and Members so as to get their understanding and support. Whilst the basis of transport planning is invariably technical and complex, often derided as a 'black art', it's my job to convey that at all levels. It's not a case of 'dumbing down' but removing the fog of data and analysis so as to present clear bare facts.  
At whatever stage I'm called in to a project I'm looking to minimise risk and maximise value.